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Sep 19, - In English, that's called “bowlegged;” in Japanese, it's O-kyaku — O because the legs seem to form the letter O, and kyaku because that means leg.

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Sep 16, - It's a genetic characteristic that was spread through cultural preference. For millennia Japanese women were systemically expected to master Why do most Asian women have beautiful legs? Never having been a legman, Japanese legs male or female were never an issue prior to arrival in Japan or even for the first several months of living in Tokyo.

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Mar 23, - Have you ever noticed how a large number of young Asian women — and some men — tend to have crooked lower legs that curve outward? Oct 9, - Japanese women's legs testify to cultural, historical and fashion codes, according to a French photographer, who has just launched an.

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Sep 6, - POPULAR JAPANESE GAME SHOWS FUNNY. AMAZING JAPANESE PRANKS & FAILS ON GIRLS #japanesefails The next release of funny. May 8, - Legs Kawaii Cute Sexy Japanese Girls no mi 10 Wide Open Legs Yoga | Ladies yoga | Women Yoga |Fitness |True Tell - Duration:

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Aug 21, - Japan's 'Thigh Photographer' to Showcase Over 1, Legs in Upcoming has been making a living by taking photos of women's thighs. Nov 13, - The awards are given by synthetic fiber maker Kuraray to celebrate healthy, "beautiful legs" on women in four different age groups. Clarino is a.

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I notice it quite often. Just now while walking around festering hell-hole that is Roppongi, I noticed a woman with such bad bow legs that she. Oct 30, - IMAGE: Welcome to the cafe that lets you stare at women's thighs endlessly without feeling like a pervert! The World of Thighs Photography.