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Aug 23, - In this The Indian Rose article we will explain the basics of gram flour for unwanted facial hair and answer the question: does besan remove.

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Jul 4, - A paste made with gram flour, turmeric and water/rosewater/milk has been traditionally used in the Indian subcontinent to remove facial/body hair. Coupled with turmeric powder/tea tree oil, it helps inhibit hair growth. Will turmeric really help to remove unwanted facial hair?Does applying besan on men depromote facial hair. Turns out there are several natural ways to reduce facial hair. Mix equal amounts besan (chickpea flour) and turmeric and add water to make a paste. Apply to.

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Besan facial hair

Jul 8, - Basically, this method involves making a mixture of besan (gramflour in English) and haldi (turmeric) with any liquid like milk, yogurt, rosewater. In this post, you'll discover how to use gram flour for hair removal! A traditional way of removing facial and body hair, in the Indian subcontinent, is by using a.

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Jul 13, - This is especially effective for getting rid of those unsightly facial hair. There are In a small bowl, combine ½ cup cold milk, ½ cup gram flour. May 23, - Since our grand-mothers time we know that gram flour (Besan) is used for face packs. Women in many parts of India regularly used a face pack.

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May 6, - Using besan for facial hair removal is very effective. Mix equal parts of besan and fenugreek powder. Prepare a paste. Apply the mask over. Sep 4, - Unwanted facial hair, if in excess, can also make you look darker. Mix chickpeas flour (besan), green gram flour, turmeric powder, rose water.

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Feb 23, - Unwanted hairs present on legs, face and hands look unfeminine. They are one of the main cosmetic problems of every woman around the. Having unwanted hair on your face can be frustrating and embarrassing. It can make you feel self-conscious about how your face looks. You may find a few hair.

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Apr 8, - Gram Flour or besan is your go-to beauty saviour. In India, gram flour has been used to remove fine facial hair forever. In fact, a gram flour. Feb 20, - Homemade face pack or face masks for removing facial hair Take 1 tablespoon of gram flour and add two teaspoons of lemon juice to it.

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May 22, - Do you have unwanted hair on your face and body? Then you should definitely try Besan Face Pack for Unwanted Hair Removal. It will help. May 6, - Check out these 8 easy to make besan face pack recipes for glowing Glowing Skin; Better Skin Tone; De-tanning; Facial Hair Removal; Acne.