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Test Instructions Remove one strip from bottle and replace cap immediately. DO NOT touch the pads on the end of the strip. DISCARD KIT if nitrite test pads of unused strips have turned tan-to-brown. Dip strip for 1 SECOND in coolant sample, remove, and shake strip briskly to remove excess liquid.

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In a blind field test of over people using antifreeze and water dilutions of 25, 33, 40, 45, 50 and 60%, approximately 90% of the readings by the test strip as interpreted by the people in varying levels of light were within 10 degrees of the refractometer readings. Home and Other. Whether you want to test the quality of drinking water, check for arsenic or assure that your make-up water meets specifications, Acustrip provides easy and effective dip n' read test strips that provide results in minutes.

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Testing requires a test strip, which is dipped in a small sample collected from the cooling system and measures freeze point, nitrite and molybdate levels. Each kit includes a color-coded chart, which tells you the condition of your Supplemental Coolant. GLOBAL Extended Life Inhibitor Test Kit & Strips. FINAL CHARGE Global Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze Inhibitor Level Test Strips provide a quick and easy way to test the OAT inhibitor level in FINAL CHARGE Global Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze.

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Nitrite Test Strips Nitrite and Glycol Test Strips - Simply dip in water and compare to a chart. Color coordinated for easy use. Can be used with Nitrite and glycol Test Strips. 1 Package of he (CTS-3) Series of Test Strips Provides a Fast and Simple Manner for Testing SCA and Freeze Point in Conventional Antifreeze coolant.

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The nitrite is used up as it protects liners from pitting, however, so the nitrite level requires frequent testing (with paper test strips or laboratory analysis), and the coolant must be treated with a supplemental-coolant-additive (SCA) package if levels are low. The Most Trusted Name in Test Strips ACUSTRIP R Series Contamination Test for Extended Life Coolant Tests: Glycol-Based Extended Life Coolant For: Organic Acid Inhibit Level.

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Ford Diesel Coolant System Nitrite Test. Archie Cohrane Ford presents a simple to determine if the nitrites in your coolant system need recharging. http. GUIDE TO COOLANT ANALYSIS AND COOLING SYSTEM MAINTENANCE COOLANT MAINTENANCE Too Low Too High Too Low Too High SPECIFICATIONS • Antifreeze level will vary by OEM specifications.